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Welcome to Roof Revive

Roof Revive - Your Only Solution for Conservatory Roof Insulation Systems near to the newry area

75% cooler in summer | 90% warmer in winter

The Roof Revive conservatory roof insulation system brings an uncared for and unused conservatory back into use again making a useable space for you and your family.
The main problem that most conservatories have is that they can get very hot over the summer months and very cold over the winter months. The reason for this is that standard polycarbonate roof systems scarcely have any insulating properties.
Conservatories that have glazed roofs and/or roof blinds don’t fare much better either
So Roof Revive have made a solution and can provide our services in the newry area. We have established a state of the art conservatory roof insulation system, with the extra gain that it can be installed in a few days. 
It is cost affective and causes minimal disruption as we don’t need to take your conservatory apart. It will fit into the structure that is there already and this cost effective solution lasts for many years. For your peace of mind, we have an insurance backed guarantee on the work that we do that lasts for two years.  We work mainly within the newry area.
It sounds simple and it is, just as our customers testify, the results of conservatory roof insulation are outstanding. a lot cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

The merits of our system are:

  • Warmer by 90% in the winter.
  • A comfortable and welcoming living area all year round.
  • Enjoy being able to read and watch the TV as no more glare.
  • reduces the noise of rain.
  • Lower energy costs
  • A small amount of disruption.
  • The UK's only Roof Insulation Company that has a two year insurance backed guarantee.
  • Only 5% VAT to pay.
  • We can give roof insulation in the newry area.


News Flash

We are backed by HMRC to offer a 5% VAT RATE and are the only conservatory roof Insulation Company to have this, which saves you a massive 15%!!. We can give conservatory roof insulation in the newry area.
The reason the Roof Revive conservatory roof insulations system qualifies for the lower 5% VAT rate is because of the considerable energy savings it gives and is therefore able to decrease the carbon footprint of your home.
Standard VAT is currently at 20% which therefore means that you have a saving of £150 for every £1000 that you spend giving you another good reason to use Roof Revive 

Notice the difference

Below you will see a few images that have been professionally taken using a FLIR B425 thermal image camera that has been positioned outside a conservatory in York in January 2012 by an unconnected expert. This was done whilst our patented insulation system was being installed on a standard UPVC polycarbonate roof conservatory. We are the finest for conservatory roof insulation in the newry area.
As was expected we had typical January conditions and the inside temperature ranged from 18-21 degrees centigrade. It is at this time of the year when a lot of of our customers have had problems with trying to retain the heat in their conservatories economically and successfully.
Looking at the ‘before’ picture you can see why. When there is no insulation present, the cameral graphically captures the high levels of heat that escape from the roof.  After the installation of our system two days later, the ‘after’ picture demonstrates the outstanding difference in the amount of heat that is being lost through the roof of the conservatory.
We work mainly in the newry area, so please ring us for a quote and we will be more than happy to chat to you in more detail about this brilliant service that we provide.

Before                                                           After

Should you have further questions on any of the above, or require further confirmation/verification of any of our claims, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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